What makes us different?

Many say it's the little things we do that really make a difference such as hand shaping and fitting each humbucking pickup ring so it matches the shape of our carve top models, other companies tend to just screw them in place causing rings to break or have unsightly gaps between the ring and body. Even our nuts are final detailed sanded, shaped and polished for a clean, round look. Control back plates are fit as snug as they get, no hideous large gaps as found on many other companies high dollar guitars. Many companies stay away from the highly decorative bindings in cream, white, multiple bound etc… because of the additional labor time required and opt for the more simple natural wood simulated binding effect or no binding at all. Binding is an old school technique that seems to have fallen by the way side in exchange to speed production times. Many people perceive the more simple natural wood simulated binding as being equal to the much more time consuming detail work required for crème or other plastic inlaid bindings, those you are vintage guitar freaks pride our attention to old school details. We say thank you to those who have recognized all these little details that we pride ourselves and our guitars for.

More Standard features or options such as:

· Various neck shapes
· 4 standard fretwire sizes
· Multiple Electronic layouts
· Coil Tapping stock on all humbucking models
· Crème, White, Ivoroid, Tortoise, Multiple, Natural Maple or Black binding
· White Pearl, Gold Pearl, Abalone or White Moto Inlay materials
· P-90's, humbuckers, add a 3rd pickup
· Extreme attention to details
· Superior Intonation with the Buzz Feiten Tuning System
· TonePros System 2 Locking Bridge and Tailpiece
· Highest Quality Materials
· Delrin nut for superb tuning stability
· We embrace new technology
· All operations performed in-house allowing fast reaction time
· Strap Locks standard on all guitars
· Various pickup options
· Wide selection of colors
· Various inlay patterns
· Highly polished fretwork
· Tone is our primary focus
· Deluxe Hard-shell case, plush crushed cotton interior
· The Point Tremolo, puts any non locking tremolo to shame
· 24.625, 25 and 25.5 scale lengths
· 6 or 7 string models

I don't know how much the world knows of Baker Guitars history and myself, but you will find here a brief history on Baker Guitars from the beginning. We find that those who know our story and understand what we bring to the market find this a very exciting story that started with an extreme dedication of love for the guitar and wood working that began very early in my life and encouraged in my upbringing. All Baker Guitars are built on vintage values with the use of modern knowledge, tools and technology, so with this mindset it permeates every individual in this shop.

You will see the pride, craftsmanship and attention to detail in everything we do. We feel we are second to none in quality control and strive to keep it that way. You'll find we have many options and try to build in as many useful features into specific models. We also do not mind catering to the end user regarding questions whether by phone or email at the beginning of an order regarding specifics and those special detail questions that sometimes only the builder himself can answer. We find our customers like to be heard and all wish to express themselves visually and sonically within the options of their custom guitar, so that in the end this becomes a guitar that represents you as well as it represents Baker Guitars.

As said before, "Lucky for us some people aren't easily satisfied"
"You'll wonder why all other guitars don't sound this good"
"Baker Guitars are worth the dough". (Vintage Guitar Magazine)
"A Baker proves that when it comes to building a Les Paul style ax, the devil is in the details".
(Art Thompson, Guitar Player Magazine)

Gene Baker


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