All Baker Artists found on this page play a Baker because they enjoy playing them and are not bound by any contract to Baker Guitars and are not paid to play them exclusively.


Robben Ford

Guitar: Baker Robben Ford Signature, 24.625" Ebony, Seymour Duncan 59 neck and JB bridge, TonePros System II Bridge and Tailpiece, D'Addario strings, and Dunlop 6105 fretwire



Ronnie Montrose

Guitar: B1 25.5" Rosewood (The Beast), Seymour 59 Trem buckers in N&B, Cherry Burst

BJ 25.5" Rosewood, Seymour 59 Trem buckers in N&B, Cherry

BJ 25.5" Rosewood, Seymour 59 Trem buckers in N&B, Silver Metal Flake


Noah Henson - Pillar

These hard rockers are in the vein on Incubus and P.O.D. With 70,000 discs sold in 16 weeks and touring relentlessly, Pillar’s poised to set the world on fire. Currently #1 on Christian rock radio, Baker is proud to have them as an artist.


Scott Lerner

Stockbroker by day, ripper at night, Scott Lerner has been getting much attention from ruling at Check out his many mp3 postings on the forum and coming soon to our mp3 section on our site. . .



Brian Wheat and Tommy Skeoch

See their website to find out where they will be playing near you and hear Tesla and Baker Guitars "Coming atcha Live"!

Brian Wheat's Signature Baker Thumper Bass 5

Tommy's: B1 unbound, 25.5 Baritone (.013 - .076 low C)
Trans Purple




Soul Motor
Brian Wheat and Tommy McKlendon

Listen to Shut Down and Man Made God

Brian Wheat's Signature Baker Thumper Bass 5

Tommy's: B17, 25" scale, Bengal Tiger





Nick Hoffman (Kenny Chesney)

On tour right now with the hit charting country act, Kenny Chesney, Nick Hoffman is falling in love with his Baker. What can I say, they're on top of the Country charts and up for Entertainer of the Year this year.

Pictured: 25.5 BJ in Vintage White

Also: B1 Standard 24.625 Aged Cherry Burst


Lauren Ellis started out as a session player for the likes of Monkee Peter Tork, Rita Coolidge, and Nell Carter. Having just recorded her first disc as a solo artist of all original tunes, she's relocating to Nashville and making some serious waves in the music community.


Jimmy Herring

(Aquarium Rescue Unit/Greg Allman Band currently touring with Phil Lesh and Friends) see or for tour dates near you. Jimmy and I go way back to GIT days and I was lucky enough to have graduated in the same year as he. He also plays a Strat I built for him out of seconds while at the Fender Custom Shop and detailed it the way he wanted, 2 nickel cover Seymour 59's and an AM Standard neck with 6000 fretwire. This photo was recently taken at the Greek in LA where we set him up with this Korina bodied/Flame Maple Top BJH loaded with DiMarzio custom wound P-90's. If you catch them on tour keep your eyes peeled for them both, rumor has it its sounding phat as heck and he's been playing it the majority of the show since he received it.

- Gene Baker


Dennis Becker


And his custom Midi B


Randy Jacobs Interview

Randy Jacobs
Boneshakers guitarist/producer/songwriter Randy Jacobs was only 13 when he began performing. Since then, Jacobs has worked around the globe with some of the music world's most eminent artists, even performing once for the Pope. His prolific songwriting produced two chart-topping hits - "Wide Receiver" (with Michael Henderson) and, while with the band Was (Not Was) in the 1980s, "Walk the Dinosaur" (with Don Was and David Was). In 1995, Jacobs formed The Boneshakers, Producing three acclaimed CDs - Book of Spells (1997) and Shake the Planet (1999), Pouring Gasoline (2001).

More information on Randy Jacobs can be found at


Awesome John

Guitar: Fender Custom One Off


Kirk Fletcher

of the "Kim Wilson Band" and the "Fabulous Thunderbirds with Kid Ramos"

Guitar: B1H 25.5" Rosewood, 2 Seymour Seth Lovers, Black Burst

Kirk Fletcher Interview


Scott Whyte

TV Personality See "Chicken Soup For The Soul" airing on ABC starting this October

Guitar: B1 25.5", DiMarzio Air Buckers, Honey Burst

Taka (Takashi Masuzaki) Dimension


B1 245.625" Rosewood, Tom Holmes, Gold Top

Joe Cano

solo artist/George Benson


B17, 25" Rosewood, DiMarzio Air Buckers, Cherry Sunburst


Produced by Brian Wheat from Tesla, These guys are in love with their Bakers. Singer Mike Jones plays 25.5 scale B1 Standard with RMC Piezo option. Dennis Becker sports a 25.5 scale solid Mahogany B1 Custom triple Humbucker with RMC Polydrive 1 Midi Preamp. Both guitars are wired stereo.

Jeff Johnson


B1H 25.5" 24 fret, Seymour Live Wire Active Humbuckers, Trans Blue

B1 Koa, 25.5" 24 frets, Seymour Live Wire Active Humbuckers, Natural

Matte Henderson

Solo Artist/Producer
Robert Fripp, Henry Kaiser, David Torn, Natalie Merchant, Jewel, Mick
Karn, Percy Jones, Tony Levin


B1 Seven Korina,
25" Rosewood, Seymour JB and 59 7's, Tequila

B1 Seven Korina,
25" Rosewood, Seymour JB, Seymore single coil and 59 7's, Psycho Camo with Six string tremolo and Seventh string hard tail.

Matte's All Music Guide


Dave Helwig

Guitar: B1 24.625, Seymour Distortion and Alnico Pro 2, Ebony, Cherry Sunburst



Mike Sanders

Guitar: B1 25.5", Seymour Jazz and JB, Cherry Sunburst

BJ Custom, 25.5 Rosewood, Seymour Stag Mag and Jazz, RMC Midi, Trans Red

BJH 7 Mahogany Koa 25" Ebony, Benedetto p/u, Natural

Various Custom Made One Off Fender C/S Models


Gene Baker

The most rockin-est guitar player in the Santa Maria area and a graduate of G.I.T., Gene not only know how to build the best guitars around, he can rock them as well. Not many luthiers can shred in the woodshop AND on the stage!


John Jorgenson

Fender C/S Signature Series


More artists without photos to date:

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz

Joey Floyd

Toby Keith

John Shanks

Chris Issak/Rod Stewart/Melissa Ethridge

Johnnie Helms

Toby Keith

Joseph Jewell

LA Philharmonic Orchestra

Rich Eckhardt

Toby Keith

Dean Parks Major Nashville Studio Guy

Scott Gorham

Thin Lizzy


Artists Gene and Gil have worked with for Repairs and service over the years

Artist Name


Bruce Bolliet

The Scream

Cesar Rojas

Los Lobos

Chris Issak

Chris Issak

Dave Edmunds

Ringo Starr Allstars

Elliot Easton


Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton

Jack Sherman

Studio Artist

Jimmy Page

Page & Plant

Joe Walsh

Ringo Starr Allstars

John Jorgenson

Elton John



Lou Reed

Lou Reed

Mark Brown

Melissa Ethridge

Neil Schon


Nils Lofgren

Ringo Starr Allstars

Robin Trower

Robin Trower

Sammy Hagar

Van Halen

Todd Rundgren

Ringo Starr Allstars

Disclaimer: Baker Guitars is not affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments in any way. Reference shown primarily as a work history.


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