Kirt Fletcher


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Kirk "Eli" Fletcher has had a career that belies his young age. At just 26, he has paid his fair share of "dues" recording and touring the blues circut all over the U.S. and overseas with the likes of The Muddy Waters Blues Band, James Harmon,  The Hollywood Fats Band, Duke Robillard,The Fabulous Thunderbirds and their lead singer Kim Wilson.  "Yeah, I've been playing with Kim for a while now in his solo band, and in The Fabulous Thunderbirds on a lot of their live stuff." 

It's been so cool playing with Kim and Kid Ramos, there's such history with these cats. It feels really good that all the hard work is starting to pay off." 

Born in Lakewood, California Kirk began playing at just 8 years old. He was influenced heavily by his 2 older brothers, his mother, and his father, who happened to be a reverend at their neighborhood church. 

"That's where it all started for me, I was listening to all these really soulful musicians that no one ever heard of, playing their hearts out..., even then I knew that this would be where I'd come from." ...more