Baker Prototype Bass -

Gil and Gene worked hard to get the very first prototype bass to Brian Wheat of Tesla before he went on tour. For more pics and discussion click here.




Speaking of Robben Ford. . .

The first of the new "RF" models are near completion. The most noticable difference between these and, say, a Baker B1, are the neck joint and new inlays - see more pics and details here




Did you see Robben Ford holding his Baker in July 2002 issue of Guitar Player?

Just a cool little bit of info that really makes us happy around here. That's the sort of press that we like. . .

  Not just a B1C - it's a B1C Varitone, with an Ebony fretboard, Spruce top, fully bound neck and body, "59" control layout, with Robben's own pickups.


Phat Chance - Doing a Baker Promotion

The Christian Band - Phat Chance - recently worked out a deal with Wild West Guitars, and are now playing and promoting Baker Guitars. We're really excited about it, we've already received overwhelming response. Check out their website to win a signed photo of them playing their Bakers and Shirts and for more information . . .

Baker Guitar seen in the new Lenny Kravitz photo book!

Photographer Mark Seliger put out a book consisting entirely of photos of Lenny Kravitz (published by Arena Editions) and there are two pictures of Kravitz with a B1 long scale in plain view. There aren't many guitars pictured in the book at all, mostly just pics of Lenny, so we thought it was very cool to see. An Interesting side note - That particular guitar was used by Oliver Leiber, a Baker endorsee, on the soundtrack for Mission Impossible 2. See some pics HERE.

The Baker Newsletter!

Dubbed "The Bakers Oven" our very first edition newsletter has been well prepared by Jennifer the lady many of you speak to when you call in before you can get to me, bless her soul. Thanks to her the office runs smooth and I get to keep building guitars, sorry but I'm better building than in the office. Enter your email here for the online newsletter or enter your physical address for the paper version.->
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Baker Guitars has taken on what we consider to be a BIG DEAL. All our TOM bridges and Stop tails come stock as TonePros patent pending hardware, using the original tried and true Schaller Nashville bridge and stop tailpiece. Check them out for more info. You wont believe the difference without altering anything on the guitar. This was a no brainer for us because we were already using these parts anyhow. Once we received our samples the future of any guitar with this setup was clear. They solved a problem that all guitar players have been dealing with for 50 years and now we have joined their choir with rave reviews from any artist that gets their hands on them. We encourage everyone to try one for yourself or contact your nearest Baker dealer for TonePros parts.


Baker Basses!?

New projects in the pipeline are Baker Basses soon to be available in 4 and 5 string models, 34" and 35" scale length's. Brian Wheat of Tesla has his first 5 string 34" scale bass in R&D (Research and Development) and if all comes out as we all plan he will become and exclusive endorsed artist to the growing pro players that have found their way to Baker Guitars and the many custom features we offer. Also Super B models are available with no lengthy wait times. Floyd Rose Trem models are also an easy option that we can do for you at the drop of a dime. Other trem models in R&D using The Point Trem bridge system. More RMC Piezo bridge systems in the works and we hope to offer more of them to you soon at a reduced cost. Split coil pull pot options will soon become a standard feature on all Baker models using humbucking pickups.

We have been featured in the recent Seymour Duncan Groundwire Newsletter!
click here to check it out.

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