NEWS 4.24.03


Who's that on the cover of the new Jing Chi Live album, why it's Robben Ford, playing a Crucible?! Though not planned, apparently the photo of him playing the Crucible just tickled the artist so, and it's on the Album cover instead of the Robben Ford Signature model. Jing Chi Live was recorded at none other than Yoshi's and is out now. Robben's on tour in Japan right now and he'll be releasing a new Robben Ford album soon, tenatively in summer. By the way, buy this album. Sick, sick, sick...


In Other News:

Sweat Pea Atkinson is back with the Boneshakers? Right now they're on a little mini-tour with their original singer/co-founder. It's good to hear Randy Jacobs doing so well, and as for Malford Milligan, apparently he's in Norway working on a solo project.
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Brian Wheat is rippin' on his new Baker Bass in the studio with Tesla. They're currently hard at work on a new album. It'll be great to hear some sick bass tones on the record.

Ronnie Montrose is going into the studio May 1st to start work on his new project as well. Can't wait for some new stuff.

Baker Guitars have been popping up all over CMT as they've been following the Kenny Chesney boys around on tour.

Pillar has signed the deal with MCA and are re-mixing and re-releasing the Fireproof CD. It will be released to mainstream radio late April. Rockin!

Motograter is going to Ozzfest! Currently on tour with Ministry and tearin it up. The online mp3 samples were recorded with a Baritone Baker by Matt Nunez (SLO county local). Big ups!



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