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Check out these guys. They have solved a 50 year old problem. Notice the small Allen's on the bridge and tailpiece. Once the guitar is setup just tighten the Allen's on the posts and you have a guitar that is going to stay intonated during string changes and your parts wont fall off and scratch up your guitar. Even with the strings off, if you try to wiggle your bridge or tailpiece they are rock solid, eliminating all thread slop. With the Buzz Feiten tuning system we feel that intonation is very critical and you need to take full advantage of it. Once intonated and setup with your preferred gauge and action heights, again lock down the Allen's and from string change to string change all you will need to do is tweak your truss rod from time to time for this will be your only remaining variable factor. With cold nights and hot stage lights, face it your guitars neck will react to drastic changes. The thing to remember is that your neck changing its relief due to outside conditions can easily be corrected with a slight truss rod tweak. Your pickup heights and bridge, tailpiece and intonation will always stay the same.